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Please forward this message to your National head of transport as we would like to buy your company fleet & staff vehicles not only in KZN but nationally and throughout the country, wherever your branches are situated.

Corporate Fleet Disposal

Our company, Autovisual trades in the buying and selling of motor vehicles in huge quantities. The service we offer is that we relieve corporate South Africa of having to dispose of their company vehicles as and when they become available for sale. We go in and do an evaluation of the vehicles available for sale & handle the entire disposal process for you. We save them all the hassle of finding a buyer as disposing of vehicles can really become a challenging and daunting task for any huge corporate company, SME and any other company that has vehicles for sale.

We have served a large number of clients across different sectors. Take a look at the examples of our work below.

What We Can Do for You

Autovisual is a “PREMIER” website which specialises in the selling of vehicles (cars, bakkies and commercial vehicles). We cater for everyone from the man on the street, small to medium enterprises to the huge corporates and conglomerates.

The directors comes from a family of motor vehicle experts who are pioneers of the industry for the last three generations.

With almost a century of collective experience and knowledge of the motor industry you can be rest assured of the best quality of service at all times.

Autovisual has used its experience, expertise and immense knowledge of the industry to make SELLING YOUR VEHICLE  as simple as S.O.L.D!

The service our company offers is unique in that there aren’t many other firms that offer a similar type of service and we are a very well established firm with some very huge clients on our books. These companies follow the strictest protocol and so do we hence Autovisual is the preferred disposal agent for these corporate companies. We pride ourselves on following company policy and protocol and do everything strictly by the book.

Our Work